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In Development: Kids Kairos

Updated: Mar 15

The words welcome to children's kairos with cartoon images of diverse children

The Kairos course has been the most successful course of Simply Mobilizing. Since its inception, thousands of believers from around the world have caught the vision of mobilization and understand what it means to be on mission with God. Now our eyes are set on the next generation of mobilizers to not only catch that same vision, but to run with a bold willingness and joyful commitment for saying yes to whatever God is asking them to do at a young age. Setting a strong missional foundation that naturally leads to a limitless life on mission God.

The development of a kid's version of Kairos has long been in the heart of Dorothy Chismon, SM Product Development Coordinator and Simply Mobilizing International co-founder with her husband Max. With her blessing, an American team of passionate children’s ministry workers were given the green light to get together and begin the development process of a Kairos curriculum for elementary age students in May of 2023. Spearheading the team are Jaci Hutchcraft and Jayne Olson, who both have strong missions backgrounds and a passion for serving and leading children to live and think globally.

a multi-colored umbrella describing the sections of children's kairos

At the heart of the curriculum are the same familiar Kairos sections covering the Biblical, Strategic, Cultural and Integration areas adapted in a fun and engaging way for children. Rather than a single Historical chapter, in Kids' Kairos that umbrella is set firmly atop a "His Story" section that integrates the lives of key missionaries throughout each session, providing a “living history” of the historical movement of missions. This exciting new approach may not only prove fun and engaging for the kids, but also future adult facilitators involved.

a map of Côte d'Ivoire, Africa for the unreached

Also incorporated is the key element of prayer and reaching the unreached via a “Cultural Museum” that highlights different countries around the world. As Jaci passionately states “Kids are the church of today. They have a unique ability to show God’s love, draw people in, share the Good News, and pray powerfully. If we can inspire, teach, train and equip them now, they will change the world with God’s love.” Jaci, along with her husband Matt and children, were missionaries in Russia and Ukraine. Matt is an active Head Facilitator in the US and together are raising a large family of mobilizers, some of whom are also active young adult Kairos facilitators gives testament that this vision to mobilize children works for the longterm.

image of a woman with the words interview with Mary Slessor for Historical mission

Likewise, Jayne echoes the importance of reaching kids early to sustain a life of consistent discipleship having met her first missionary at the young age of seven. She was enthralled by hearing someone speak another language and as a result of that single encounter, was inspired to continue attending Sunday School through high school to learn about the Bible. She carried that passionate missions pursuit on through graduate school with a heart for mobilizing children. Jayne has been involved with Kairos since 2016 and currently has a ministry focus in Ukraine that uses Kairos to train both youth and adults. In 2022, God nudged her heart to begin the writing process for children that is inspiring what is in development today. Excitingly, this course can be run simultaneously with adult Kairos to allow the entire family to participate together.

So how can YOU get involved?

  • First, PRAY! Pray for this team and all that encompasses developing such a vital element to the future of our movement. The Lord hears and covets our prayers, and the team graciously petitions them.

  • Second, you can support this project financially. Our projected goal is to raise $40,000 in 2024 solely dedicated to finishing project needs such as graphic design, animation, printed materials, beta testing and translation. To support, go to our Donation Page and specify “Kids' Kairos” or simply “KID” in the Note box.

  • Lastly, be a Beta Tester or Children’s Ministry Connector. We anticipate that Sessions 1-4 will be ready to beta test by Spring/Summer of 2024. If you, or someone you know in Children’s ministry is willing to beta test these sessions in the US, let us know. Send your contact information to to be placed on our interest list.

For more development details download our Support Brochure and share this blog with your friends.

Kid's Kairos Support Brochure
Download PDF • 6.39MB

We are so blessed and excited for you to be a part of this journey with us. We celebrate what God has already begun and what we know and believe He will faithfully finish. God loves His world, He loves His children, and He loves being on mission with the children of His world.

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