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Moments of Movement

A group of mobilizers taking HF training
Thirteen new SMUSA Head Facilitators in training representing multicultural and multigenerational milestones.

Simply Mobilizing USA recently experienced an incredibly dynamic and transformative weekend filled with diverse experiences and significant milestones. The sense of movement, unfolding in exhilarating ways, made it both thrilling and challenging to keep pace with all that the Lord was and is doing within the ministry.

From April 12-14th, the largest and most diverse group took Head Facilitator training in Sacramento, California. Participants included facilitators from California, Nevada, Minnesota, Missouri, Virginia, and Florida in a blend of in-person and online participation and represented Amharic, English, and Slavic-speaking language groups. The range of ages among trainees spanned from 17-73 years old, reflecting a beautiful tapestry of generations coming together to engage in mobilization ministry.

A blend of in-person and online Zoom meeting

Trainees connected with seasoned Head Facilitators who Zoomed in from all over the country for a time of introduction and an opportunity to share some of their diverse backgrounds and experiences as mobilizers. This highlight of collaborative learning captured a microcosm of the bigger vision behind the global Simply Mobilizing brand.

Another collaborative effort within this training helped to solidify the formation of two key language teams already in the works to officially launch in the U.S. by our Slavic and Amharic mobilizers. The Slavic team included six trainees, plus an influential Head Facilitator from Russia who now resides in the U.S. and is actively involved in the mobilization movement within the Slavic community in Sacramento. We were blessed to hear how Kairos played such a significant role in his journey as a pastor in Russia and how that experience continues to motivate him today to engage local churches and believers within the Slavic community to partner with our missional God.

Six people in a room next to a large television showing a Zoom meeting

It’s truly exciting to witness the organic growth, particularly among young and passionately driven Slavic mobilizers. The mentorship and vision-sharing process is not only empowering but ignites a sense of ownership and responsibility to carry forward the mission within their church communities. The willingness of three mobilizers to participate in all-day training sessions via Zoom from Florida, as they strategically relocate to partner with diaspora leaders in their new location, speaks volumes about their dedication and commitment to expanding and multiplying mobilization efforts. This strategic approach to outreach demonstrates foresight and adaptability, as well as a recognition of the importance of building relationships and networks within their diaspora communities. The focus on raising more leaders to build a self-sufficient team reflects a long-term vision for sustainability and exponential growth. By investing in community building, these mobilizers are not only ensuring the continuity of the mission but are also laying the groundwork for future generations to continue the work with passion and purpose.

Equally key was training our interim Amharic Coordinator who is already in the process of growing her team of pastors and leaders desiring to use Kairos and Interface to reach the diaspora Ethiopian churches in the U.S. As they eagerly await some translated materials, they too are working strategically in prayer, partnership, and preparation. Actively networking between language groups to work together in overlapping communities is yet another collaborative demonstration of partnerships and teamwork, a value that is woven within the very DNA of our ministry.

A value that was demonstrated throughout the weekend from the meticulous pre-planning that allowed for flexible execution for a dynamic experience. Our gratitude extends to the host families and churches from Cornerstone Church, Second Slavic Baptist Church, and Bryte Church, which underscores the importance of community support and collaboration in fostering a welcoming and nurturing environment for such pivotal gatherings.

We also recognize Matthew Hutchcraft and his family, as a clear embodiment of the spirit and dedication that propel this movement forward. Matthew's role as the interim Slavic Coordinator, committed to cultivating that self-sufficient team, exemplifies leadership rooted in vision and purpose. Moreover, his instrumental role in activating a team of young and passionate mobilizers underscores the movement's commitment to empowering the next generation to carry the torch of mission and service forward and also plays a key role in the vision and development behind Kids’ Kairos. More on that story to come.

Our prayer is that we heed the Lord’s wisdom as He continues to guide our steps and unite our efforts as the movement unfolds to unveil even more remarkable stories of God’s grace and provision. Experiences like these are a powerful reminder of the active presence of God and how He is continually at work within our lives and communities. These moments of movement and growth serve as opportunities for reflection, celebration, and renewed dedication to the mission and vision of the ministry.

Navigating through such excitement and rapid development can indeed be a challenge, but it’s also a testament to the vibrancy and vitality of the ministry’s work. Embracing the journey with faith, openness, and a willingness to adapt to God’s leading can lead to even greater breakthroughs and blessings in the future for His glory.

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