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Website Makeover & More

We have a new look!

Many hands in a circle with palms facing up, with the words All God's people on mission with God.

Our team has worked hard over the last few months to give our website a makeover. The main goal was to make navigating our site more user-friendly and efficient. If you haven't already checked us out and you are receiving this via email, click the web icon link below for our fresh look. As a dynamic page, we may even change our "outfit" from time to time to continue to improve. So go ahead and bookmark us into your favorites.

You can also follow us on our social links via Facebook and Instagram. We are keeping it original for now but we may add more social platforms in the future. In the meantime, if you have graduated from a SMUSA course, come hang out with us in our private Facebook group to connect with other alumni.

Lastly, our 2023 Fall courses are gearing up to start. If you are a mobilizer, share this page with your friends to encourage them to take a mobilization course with us. We are so excited for what God has done and continues to do through this ministry, and the incredible partners we gain through His missional church.

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