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Kairos follows a training philosophy that is equal parts inspiring, educating, and challenging. We see training not as just an event, but rather a process or journey that involves modeling, coaching/mentoring, evaluation, and ongoing upskilling. The elements of this training philosophy form a common thread running through all levels of Kairos involvement and experience.  We look for people whose gifting and calling help build a mobilization movement forward through the Kairos course.  We also look for exceptional attitudes and execution that align to the ethos, values and content of the course in order to maintain the integrity of the course.


The general process is as follows:

  1. Complete the Kairos course

  2. Become a Facilitator by completing the Kairos Facilitator Training. As a Facilitator you can be invited to join a facilitation team led by a Head Facilitator to conduct the course.

    • Complete parts 1 & 2 of Facilitator Training to help with administrative tasks, activities, and growth point groups.

    • Complete all 3 parts of Facilitator Training to help in all components of the course including presentation portions.

    • A facilitator is an important part of the mobilization process. We seek to train those individuals who will prayerfully participate with a team of facilitators in a course to present the content and process of the curriculum in a manner that encourages people to consider being on mission with God by transforming the perspective to a biblical worldview.

  3. Become a Head Facilitator. Experienced facilitators are recommended to come to Head Facilitator Training. Head Facilitators are selected based on gifting, calling and excellence. A Head Facilitator is equipped with all necessary materials and is capable of coordinating and leading a team of facilitators in conducting an effective Kairos course. After completing all parts of the Facilitator Training, the remaining steps are:

    • Serve as a facilitator in at least 2 courses (a Head Facilitator should be able and ready to present all course material. Gaining experience presenting various elements of the course is important and a certain level of proficiency will be necessary before being approved as a Head Facilitator).

    • Be recommended for Head Facilitator Training by the accredited Head Facilitators with whom you have worked.

    • Complete the Head Facilitator Training.

    • Conduct one or more Kairos courses as a Trainee Head Facilitator under the guidance of an accredited Head Facilitator. Once completed satisfactorily, the overseeing HF will recommend the trainee to the U.S. National Coordination Team for approval as a Head Facilitator.

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