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Course Description

KAIROS Audio Reader

Kairos is a nine-session, interactive course on world Christian mission, designed to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to active and meaningful participation. It is ideally suited to be conducted in local churches, organizations or with special interest groups.

The Kairos Course utilizes a variety of adult learning styles including group discussions, short lecture introduction, devotions, video teaching and student participation in specially designed activities.


The Kairos course can be conducted in a variety of different formats in order to be most accessible for different people and different contexts.
Common formats include:

  • One session per week (approximately 2.5 hrs) over nine or ten weeks.

  • Five day full-time intensive course

  • Three weekends.

Curriculum Content:

Kairos focuses on four main areas of mission concern

  • Biblical – We discover that mission lies at the center of God’s concern and that an overriding theme throughout the whole Bible is God blessing His people to be a blessing to all people groups.

  • Historical – God’s mission purpose can be seen throughout history. We gain much from studying the past successes and failures of the church in the area of mission expansion.

  • Strategic – We learn about strategy and key mission strategies that bear fruit in reaching unreached people groups in today’s world. Every believer and church has a significant role to play.

  • Cultural – Mission involves crossing cultures. We learn what culture is and see what it takes to communicate and make disciples in a culture different from our own.

Core Components:

  • Lesson Introductions – Each new lesson will be introduced by a facilitator. Through the use of a PowerPoint presentation, they will give an overview of the upcoming chapter, explain new and key concepts, and help the participants to better grasp the material they will read.

  • Devotional Word – Devotions are presented by facilitators throughout the course in order to reinforce key Biblical mission concepts and highlight important themes.

  • Focused Prayer on the Least Reached – Using the provided prayer booklets, participants will engage in prayer focused on the major blocs of least reached people groups found throughout the world and right at our doorstep.

  • Videos – Short videos follow the lesson introductions. These include teaching videos from prominent mission personalities such as Ralph Winter and Don Richardson as well as inspirational and thought provoking videos that reinforce the lessons’ themes.

  • Reading and Worksheets – The reader includes 9 chapters that are assigned for reading throughout the course (see the reader outline below). Each reading is accompanied with a worksheet to help participants process the key points and respond with real life action steps.

  • Growth Point Groups – Break out small group sessions, accompanied by a facilitator, in which the participants can have group interaction. This provides an environment for hearing what is impacting one another, prayer, and growth toward tangible action.

  • Cultural Activities – The course includes several special cultural activities that provide unique learning opportunities. That’s all we’ll tell you though. The rest is top secret.

  • Integration – The course concludes with a session dedicated to integration. This is a vital step in which participants are given the opportunity to identify steps needed to internalize what has been learned into their daily lives allowing the vision that is caught during the course to be kept active over the long run.

Reader Outline:

  • Chapter 1 – God, His Mission and His World

    • To see the big picture of God, His mission and His world.

  • Chapter 2 – Israel, the Covenant People

    • To interpret much of the material in the Old Testament through understanding the calling received in the Abrahamic Covenant, the opportunities God provided to fulfill the covenant, and Israel’s response.

  • Chapter 3 – The Messiah, the Message and the Messengers

    • To study the New Testament era and discover that God’s concern for all nations continues as the central purpose of His dealings with the human race.

  • Chapter 4 – Expansion of the World Christian Movement

    • To study the advance of Christianity from its beginnings to the present day.

  • Chapter 5 – Mission Strategy

    • To consider the place, value and nature of strategy in accomplishing the task of world evangelization.

  • Chapter 6 – The Task Remaining

    • To look at the mission task remaining; to consider what still needs to be done; to identify some of the current challenges; and assess the work force needed to complete the Great Commission.

  • Chapter 7 – Cross-Cultural Considerations

    • To gain some understanding of what culture is, and to address issues surrounding successful identification and other aspects of cross-cultural interaction.

  • Chapter 8 – World Christian Teamwork

    • To recognize that all are called to take a vital part in world evangelization.

  • Chapter 9 – Integration

    • To recognize the importance of reflecting on what God has shown you during the Kairos course and the process of internalizing and practically outworking this in your life.

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