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Looking Forward Part 1

Updated: Feb 26

a vision board with photos of various mobilization courses offered in the US and North America

In 2024, we continue to be committed to growing the tribe of US mobilizers, working intentionally with Canada (as the North American Global Region) to expand mobilization efforts by utilizing the mobilization tools readily available to impact the Body of Christ. This will be accomplished in two ways, a variety of courses offered in a variety of languages to equip the entire church. Movement through stretching out our tent pegs, as the Bible would say, that includes increasing mobilization efforts to Caribbean countries included in our Global Region. In part 1 of our 'Looking Forward' blog, let’s first take a look at the variety of courses we have to offer.


The Kairos Course is still our main sweetheart and will continue to be offered regularly in a variety of formats throughout the year. Bookmark our Course Page if you are interested in registering for a course. In addition to the courses that are beginning this month in-person and online, we have additional categories of courses to highlight that will be made available this year:

General Courses

Empowered to Influence is a four-session course that redefines the way believers think about work, worship, and the Kingdom of God using seven paradigm shifts to make you an effective influencer in your workplace or sphere of influence. This course is for the workforce mobilizer and we have an opportunity this month to take this course online on Mondays beginning January 22nd. An additional session is dedicated to training you on how to conduct the courses in your local church as a Church Coordinator.

The Unfinished Story is a great appetizer to Kairos and a tool for introducing Simply Mobilizing to believers within your church or small group. We anticipate offering this course sometime in February as an opportunity to be inspired and challenged to be meaningfully involved in the world Christian movement. Training as a local Church Coordinator to begin mobilizing within your church community is also available.


Speaking of introductions, our Interface Seminar is designed to introduce Simply Mobilizing to new organizations and denominations. It gives pastors and leadership teams insight into what it looks like to be a missional church seeking to mobilize its people to be on mission with God in their everyday lives. It also helps pastors see where Simply Mobilizing is coming from biblically as a general mobilization (level 1) biblical worldview formation tool. Contact us if you are a pastor or know a pastoral team that would be interested.

Mobi 101 is an introduction seminar to general mobilization (also referred to as prophetic or Level 1 mobilization) that is the ministry of Simply Mobilizing. This covers the missional basis of the Bible and the need for mobilization, as well as the prophetic and apostolic ministries to the Body of Christ.

Youth/Next Gen

We have already begun the process of beta testing The Unfinished Story for Youth in Las Vegas, Nevada and we are excited to continue to experiment with creative ways in which this course can be highlighted in Youth ministries, retreats, small groups, or camps in the first half of this year. Contact us if you work with youth and would like to consider taking and using TUSfy as a tool to mobilize your youth.

As mentioned in a previous blog, our Kairos for Kids curriculum is in development and close to beta testing the first few sessions by February or March. We are so excited to continue in this development project that will mobilize elementary-age children to impact the Kingdom within this generation and beyond. If you would like to support this campaign financially, visit our donation page and note ‘KID’ in the comments.

In part 2 of our Looking Forward blog, we will look at how our mobilization tools are being used to expand mobilization efforts amongst the diaspora church in the US.

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