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Looking Forward Part 2

a vision board with multiple pictures featuring different languages available for SM courses


Beyond our courses, are growing teams of mobilizers from various language groups dedicated to mobilizing believers within their diaspora churches. In addition to English, we currently have five diverse leadership teams operating in the US using translated materials from Simply Mobilizing International. These teams are Chinese, Korean, Amharic, Russian, and Spanish.

Our Chinese mobilization leaders are partnering with Canada and taking the Interface Seminar to use as a mobilization tool here in the US. Our Chinese leadership team will partner with key global leaders from Hong Kong with GLEC to take The Unfinished Story and Church Coordinator training. Also planned is an annual HF Upskilling training that will take place in Los Angeles in the third week of April. They continue to earnestly offer many Kairos courses and trainings to the Chinese diaspora churches.

Also in partnership with Canada, our Korean mobilization team has a significant North American Upskilling happening January 15-17 for our Korean leaders. Many will be taking Head Facilitator training, Mobi 101, and TUSfy to expand their mobilization tool belt and translation projects. They also have a Korean Interface Seminar planned this year for a number of their Head Facilitators and Kairos facilitators in addition to diligently offering Kairos courses to their network of diaspora churches.

Our interim Amharic Language Coordinator has been steadily hard at work since last year using the Interface seminar as the primary tool for mobilizing the Ethiopian diaspora churches here in the US. They are refining the translation process for Kairos, in partnership with Horn of Africa, to create teams that are praying to offer Kairos in Amharic and use Interface to reach more Amharic and Tigrigna-speaking churches.

A veteran English/Russian bilingual SM mobilizer has stepped in as the interim Russian Language Coordinator to build up a native replacement to lead a Russian mobilization team further. We have strong relationships with key Slavic churches in Sacramento, California and he will be connecting with key Slavic leaders from Northern Florida at the end of this month. We were blessed to have a number of our Russian American delegates present at our International conference in September. This team is eager to learn all the SM tools available to reach their community and near-neighbors.

After years of prayer, we are seeing the early formation of a Spanish leadership team that is training and strategically planning to launch Spanish courses this year. Two new US Spanish facilitators, who also attended our international conference, have been added to the team and are seeking to offer courses in Spanish by February. We are also blessed by our partnership with the Virginia Mennonites inquiring about taking TUSfy in Spanish to Jamaica. This exciting partnership could potentially create a New Nation Coordination Team in the Caribbean. More on that development to come.

We are in the process of forming a US Training Team that will take the lead on staying current on all SM tools available to all of our mobilizers, rolling out new SM tools, and serving all of our language groups. If you are a bilingual HF or seasoned facilitator interested in joining this developing training team, contact us.

With expansion comes the ever-ceasing need for prayer and more volunteer mobilizers willing to help with growing teams and behind the scenes. We need you and the skills God had already prepared in you to contribute. All that is missing is your willingness to commit to the time needed for mobilization and the Great Commission. Contact us through our Support page to discuss opportunities. 2024 is going to be an exciting year and we are looking forward to partnering with you in the harvest field.

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