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Urgent Volunteer Positions Needed

Updated: Jan 5

Man in a suit holding a sign that reads "volunteers needed!"

SMUSA needs help with several areas of technology. The volunteer positions may be handled by one person or a small team of volunteers working collaboratively together to cover the needs we have identified. The list of duties may change over time.

SMUSA will use outsourced services to reduce the level of effort required to manage our technology infrastructure. Our immediate needs include the following skills:

  • Quickbooks: Knowledge of Quickbooks for basic bookkeeping and financial support. This position requires budgeting, bookkeeping, and reporting skills. Tax filing skills would also be preferred and applicant does not need to have experience with Simply Mobilizing courses. We estimate dedicating approximately 4-6 hours a week and will consider an option to pay for skilled applicants. This position is currently closed for consideration.

  • Microsoft Exchange Expert: Knowledge of Microsoft Exchange and ability to transition SMUSA to an Outlook & Teams platform. This position will be time intensive up front and then require flexible maintenance hours thereafter. Applicant does not need to have experience with Simply Mobilizing courses.

The following positions may be trained in-house with no previous experience necessary:

  • Kairos Reports Manager: A current Kairos course graduate is needed to review course plans for thoroughness and accuracy. Desired candidate is a current Head Facilitator experienced with submitting reports or a course graduate willing to be trained. Flexible hours and attention to detail skills are required.

  • Course Manager Coordinator: In-house assistance with Course Manager database. Fielding inquiries regarding account status, password assistance or tracking information for current course participants, facilitators and head facilitators across language groups. Strong communication and organization skills desired.

  • SMUSA Helpdesk: Assistance with fielding and responding to website inquires regarding SM courses and general ministry information. Hours are flexible and this position may be combined with other volunteer needs.

If you or someone you know is interested in these positions, please contact: Jessica Royal at or submit a volunteer form detailing your interest via our webpage. We thank you for your consideration and eagerly pray for your response.

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